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Welcome to our home at Northeast Wholesale Lumber, Inc. When we started in business in 1989, most manufacturers and shippers in Southern New England (Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island) operated their own “box shops” in which they constructed the specialized pallets, wooden boxes and crating to accommodate their unique products. Then as now, most forms of industrial pallets and crating, were built with locally secured hard and softwoods, lumber that would not otherwise be suitable as construction lumber. The principal requirement was that the lumber be kiln dried or heat treated so that excess moisture would not harm the products being shipped. The heat treatment prevented the migration of most insects.

Our initial business model was to provide this “Industrial Lumber” to the various box shops at wholesale prices. We offered pre-cut parts, re-sawing of dimensional lumber, plywood, and all hard and softwoods which our customers used to build their custom-sized pallets, custom-sized skids and custom-sized crates. Our sales area was New England, from which came the name, Northeast Wholesale Lumber.

Over the last thirty (30) years, there has been a significant change in our business. As time went on, more and more companies closed their box shops and asked us to construct their specialized pallets, skids and covers. Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut companies manufacture a wide variety of products and as a consequence, we build some of the most elaborate shipping frames, wooden boxes, oversize pallets and skids. The shift in our business model is such that more than 90% of our sales now consist of manufactured shipping containers and pallets, whether of the 2-way, 4-way or block variety. Northeast Wholesale Lumber still maintains a substantial inventory of lumber for the few remaining box shops, and lumber for domestic and export shipments.